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Last WednesdayBISS students participated in a Haka dance training at ourSchool conducted by the representatives of the Embassy of New Zealand. BISS students experienced an aspect of Maori culture and gained a deeper understanding of the sporting spirit of Oceania.
At first an embassy representative introduced the history of Haka to our students. As an ancient form of Maori combat dance, the Haka was used for battlefield. Now the Haka dance remains popular in Maori ceremonies and celebratory occasions. Before giving a Haka dance demonstration, the instructor taught students Maori lyrics. Students showed great interest during the activity. “For me, Maori language was just like listening to double Dutch, but if you listened carefully, you may find some rules in it” said one of the BISS students. Then the instructor and the students began to dance the Haka, learning various standard movements of the Haka and followed the teacher by chanting the lyrics in Maori language.
The BISS Physical Education teacher, Mr. James Ryan Shave, previously invited another speaker to briefly introduce the Haka element of the Maori culture. Mr. Shave said: “The purpose of this training is to help students understand Maori culture through this traditional dance. This is part of our dance/aesthetic movement unit to help students develop their intercultural understanding and their international mindedness. ”The students at BISS experienced the emotion and strength conveyed by this aspect of New Zealand's Maori culture. Thus, the assembly helped students to develop knowledge, attitude, and skills linked to their unit of inquiry and build bridges between the local and global communities.
The embassy representative introducinghistory of the Haka
The instructor introduces the Haka dance movements
Students at BISS carefully listening
Students at BISS performing Haka dance
BISS学校在此前BISS体育老师James Ryan Shave先生曾邀请专业人士对学生进行过一次HAKA培训,James说:“举办这种活动的目的是让学生通过这种传统舞蹈来理解毛利文化。这是BISS学生舞蹈/审美运动单元的一部分,以帮助学生发展他们的跨文化理解和他们的国际思想”。此次活动激发了BISS学生的跨文化审美,让他们对新西兰的毛利文化有了更全面的体验式理解。
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